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91740-Area dermatologist provides tips for getting the best results from your Botox treatment

glendora botox dermatologist provides effective botox treatment

When we look better, we feel better – more confident, more secure, and with a greater spring in our step. However, there are lots of factors that can affect the way we look and the way we feel – lifestyle factors, habits, genetics, and simply having more birthdays can slowly start to make us look older than we want.
Individuals who really want to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles on their face often turn to Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center. Here, the skilled and experienced team provides various treatments to help patients achieve the results they want. Many patients ultimately end up deciding that Botox is the best treatment to address lines across the forehead and wrinkles around the corners of the eye. Because it is a quick and relatively painless treatment, patients can receive the treatment in less than 30 minutes and get back to their day.
If you’re thinking about Botox treatment, the staff at Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center offers these items for you to consider to ensure that your treatment is effective:

  • Work with an educated and trained professional. Botox is a medication that relaxes facial muscles. It can be used alone or in combination with other procedures to deliver beautiful results. However, it’s important that it be administered accurately. We’ve all heard of or viewed photos of individuals who had Botox gone wrong. Working with a trained and skilled professional will ensure that you get results that are natural and beautiful. Further, as with any medication, there can be unexpected side effects. Talking with a physician or trained professional can help you understand and avoid the risks.
  • Know what to expect. Patients who have Botox will not see results immediately. Instead the results will appear gradually over the next one to two weeks. Understanding how Botox works will help patients manage their expectations and not feel disappointed later that afternoon when they don’t see a change.
  • Commit to a plan. Just like the results don’t show up immediately, they also don’t last forever. Botox treatments will need to be repeated after several months. However, after time, the effects of Botox will last longer and lessen the impact of future wrinkles. Additionally, your dermatologist may suggest combining Botox with other procedures to give you the results you want.

For more information about Botox, call The Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center today.
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