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Glendora, CA area dermatologist explains laser hair removal


Unwanted hair can cost patients a lot of money and use up a lot of time when it comes to grooming every day. Hair on the underarms, face, legs, bikini line, back, and chest can all be addressed with laser hair removal.

Dr. Sidhu of Foothill Dermatology Medical Center in the Glendora, CA area provides laser hair removal as a method of experiencing permanent reduction of unwanted hair on the targeted areas. Patients of all ages and hair colors can experience the benefits of laser hair removal.

This method of removal uses a special laser treatment to target actively growing hair follicles in the treatment area to keep them from producing hair. It can result in skin that is soft and smooth. Both men and women have had Dr. Sidhu and his team provide laser hair removal for permanent, beautiful results!

Laser hair removal requires several sessions for optimum results. Hair grows in different phases, and only hair in the active phase can be treated. Patients are encouraged to schedule visits approximately four weeks apart during which Dr. Sidhu can use the laser device to target the hair in the active growing phase. Dormant hair follicles cannot be addressed with the laser, making it very important for patients to come in regularly for treatments.

Patients interested in laser hair removal services are encouraged to visit Foothill Dermatology Medical Center for an initial consultation appointment to ask questions and learn about the procedure and the results that can be expected. Patients are advised of how many treatment sessions they may need; what to expect before, during, and after their treatments; and how long they may last. Larger areas will require more time and cost than smaller areas, and patients can receive an appropriate quote for their entire treatment by a dermatological professional in our practice.

If you live in the Glendora, CA area and have considered the benefits of laser hair removal, contact Dr. Sidhu and his team to learn more about this procedure and how it can provide a complete lifestyle change for both men and women.

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