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To fight the sun damage and aging, turn to your Glendora Dermatologist

treatment for sun damage from dermatologist in glendora

Reverse sun damage

For many years, a healthy appearance was defined by a tanned and glowing skin. Achieved after hours spent laying in the sun or through tanning beds, many of today’s adults simply skipped the sunscreen as children. However, now we know that that sun damage can not only be damaging to a patient’s health it can also damage the skin’s tone and pigment.
Patients who wish to reverse these signs of sun damage often turn to the Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center for help. The office offers both chemical peels and microdermabrasion to carefully remove the outermost, and most damaged, layer of skin and replacing it with a new, healthier skin. The exact treatment suggested for each patient will depend on the amount of damage. While microdermabrasion usually requires a series of treatments, chemical peels typically only require one procedure. However, chemical peels can require some downtime as the skin recovers.

Fight back against aging

You’ve heard the old saying that those fine lines across your forehead and around your eyes and mouth are from a life well lived. Regardless of what happy memories put the laugh lines on their face, many dermatology patients in the Glendora, CA, area would rather find a way to get rid of them.
The Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center team understands that the way their patients look can directly impact the way they feel. That’s why they provide several procedures that can help patients turn back the hands of time and regain their self-confidence. Laugh lines, typically found near the mouth, and crow’s feet, located by the eyes, are usually the first lines to appear. Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center offers dermal fillers and neuromodulators to fill in the lines, add volume to the face, and provide a smoother, younger looking individual.
One of the best benefits of this approach is that the treatment can be performed in the Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center office in a single appointment. There’s no downtime and patients can immediately return to most of their daily activities. The effects of the treatment can last for several months before needing to be repeated.
For more information about how you can say goodbye to sun damage and early signs of aging, call the Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center today.
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