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Glendora cosmetic surgery practice offers effective treatment of skin condition with chemical peels

Effective Chemical Peels from Dermatologist in Glendora

Often a person will notice a loss of vitality in their skin appearance. Men and women with this concern are encouraged to investigate how effective chemical peels can be to restore a youthful and smooth complexion. Board Certified Dermasurgeon Dr. Amarpaul Sidhu and the staff of Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center in Glendora are available for consultations and to treat various aspects of cosmetic skin issues and skin conditions.
While chemical peels may be applied to various areas of a person’s body, the most common use is to achieve facial skin enhancement. Science and expertise goes into determining the proper choice of a chemical peel, as there are varying levels and types available. Our dermatology staff is trained to take into account the condition being treated, the desired outcome for therapy, as well as the client’s budget and time to recovery requirements in recommending the appropriate chemical peel. Peels are a safe and effective protocol for treating many cases of scarring, lines and wrinkles, unevenness of skin tone, and for exfoliation. The procedure ultimately removes the dry and dead outer layers of skin to reveal one beneath that is clear and healthy.
There is no need for clients to waste money trying every cream or lotion to come to market. Chemical peels offer a reliable benefit with minimal inconvenience, reasonable cost, and no invasive procedure. These processes have proven superior in reducing fine lines and wrinkles; and sun spots and other undesirable skin colorings may be minimized or eliminated, as well. Patients left with mild scarring from acne may be able to erase or lighten those marks with the use of chemical peels. The results will leave a person with skin that looks and feels more youthful, inspiring a renewed confidence.
Peels are relatively quick and easy and will be performed by your dermatology professional. Recovery ranges from none to only a short period to allow the skin time to recover from the flaking and peeling. This will be established beforehand with the patient, based on the level of peel that is decided upon. One should not worry about the word “chemical” in the name. While that word may raise some questions, the process is actually only dissolving old, dull skin layers to reveal a more glowing and youthful one. The chemical peel process also helps stimulate the skin to produce more naturally-occurring collagen, which aids in filling in lines and smoothing the skin’s appearance.
Chemical peels can be used to bring skin back to a healthier condition. Other concerns may require one of our other effective procedures. Dr. Sidhu and his staff are happy to discuss any of our safe and innovative treatments with you. Call us to schedule a consultation today to determine the ideal options to achieve your rejuvenated image.
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