Say Goodbye to Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Botox

Looking more youthful can be as simple as paying a visit to Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center for Botox treatment. Keshea Stevenson MHS, PA-C in Glendora, CA uses the treatment to smooth fine lines and wrinkles related to aging.

When life gives you wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles are inevitable, but looking older isn't. Botox treatment offers a simple way to minimize fine lines and wrinkles that occur when you smile, laugh, frown or make other dynamic expressions.

Botox injectable uses the purified form of the botulinum toxin to relax the muscles that contract when you make facial expressions. Botox works by preventing nerve signals from reaching the muscles. Once the muscles relax, the skin over them becomes smoother and less lined.

How you can benefit from Botox?

Has anyone ever assumed you were tired, or even worse, angry because of your wrinkles? Thanks to Botox treatment, you never need to hear those comments again. In fact, you'll look younger, refreshed and definitely less tired after your injections.

Reduction of the vertical lines that tend to form between the eyes is one of the most dramatic effects of Botox treatment. Whether you have a single, double or triple frown line, Botox treatment can help you look your best.

The treatment also smooths horizontal forehead furrows that can develop after a lifetime of raising your eyebrows and minimizes crow's feet, those little lines at the corners of your eyes that are particularly noticeable when you laugh or smile.

Botox is just as effective in smoothing horizontal "bunny" lines on the bridge of the nose, minimizing lines around the lips, reducing chin wrinkles and improving the appearance of nasolabial fold lines, the lines that extend from your nose to your mouth on either side of your face.

Treatment is quick and easy

It only takes a few minutes to receive Botox injections. Since very small needles are used, you probably won't find the injections painful. Your physician assistant may also apply little numbing cream applied before you receive the injections. Within a few days after you receive the treatment, your skin will be noticeably refreshed. Effects typically last three to six months, but it's easy to maintain your results simply by scheduling periodic follow-up treatments at the Glendora office.

Revitalize your appearance with Botox treatment! Call Keshea Stevenson MHS, PA-C at Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center in Glendora, CA, at (626) 852-3376 to schedule your appointment.

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