Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic procedure that has not only emotional benefits but can also improve the functionality of the nose. Patients of Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center are treated by a physician with 24 years of experience performing procedures specifically related to the nose. Using very precise technique, Dr. Sidhu achieves results that look completely natural.

There are several reasons that men and women may seek a nose job, or rhinoplasty. Two major components are seen amongst most patients, either the nose has never really existed harmoniously with other facial features or an injury of some kind has altered the physical appearance or the functionality of the nose or nasal passages. If you have been aware of cosmetic issues with your nose, or have had a more vague feeling that the overall balance of your facial aesthetic is off, you may be excited to learn what can be achieved in the rhinoplasty procedure planned by your experienced Glendora physician.

Dr. Sidhu has spent time training and practicing in the area of ear, nose, and throat medicine (otolaryngology) and head and neck surgery. He also received specific training in rhinoplasty during a fellowship in plastic surgery. In the decades that he has performed rhinoplasty, the goal has remained consistent: honor the natural shape and contours of each individual patient's face to achieve the most naturally-beautiful result.

The nose is one of the most prominent of all facial features. For that reason, it is critical that rhinoplasty be performed with close attention to the minute details of the nose itself as well as surrounding structures. The results that have been achieved for patients of Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center are outstanding and indicative of our commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Might you benefit from rhinoplasty? Some of the issues that can be corrected with this customized procedure include:

  • The size of the nose overpowers other features
  • The nose is crooked
  • The tip of the nose is unrefined (downturned, upturned, or bulbous)
  • The bridge of the nose arches outward with a bump
  • Nostrils are asymmetrical or oversized
  • Septum is deviated and causing breathing problems

One of the facets of care that patients love about Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center is the thoroughness of our consultation process. In addition to speaking with your trusted physician about what you would like to achieve, you will be able to plan your procedure with the aid of computer imagery. During the consultation visit, a picture is taken of the nose and displayed on our computer screen, where virtual changes can be observed and changed to meet your needs and expectations.

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that changes the appearance of the entire face due to the fact that the nose is the central feature. An experienced physician is meticulous in the technique of reshaping. Our physician also performs this procedure in a way that minimizes post-surgical bruising and discomfort.

Men and women treated with rhinoplasty will notice results gradually. During the first few months, mild swelling lingers as the tissues in the nose slowly settle into their new shape. The final result from reshaping can take up to a year to be fully realized.

There is no reason to feel self-conscious due to the appearance of your nose. Discover what is possible with rhinoplasty in the hands of your experienced Glendora cosmetic surgeon. Call Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule your consultation.

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