Are You Considering Breast Implants?

How breast implants from your cosmetic surgeon in Glendora, CA, can help you

Breast implants are an investment in yourself, and you deserve to look your best. If you are considering breast implants, you probably have a few questions. Your cosmetic surgeon has the answers.

Dr. Amarpaul Sidhu at Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center in Glendora, CA, offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery services, including breast implants.

Most women choose breast implants for cosmetic reasons, or as reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. These are just a few of the cosmetic reasons breast implants may be recommended:

  • Your breasts are undersized in relation to your body
  • Your breasts are unequal in size or shape
  • You have lost weight and desire more fullness in your breasts
  • Your breasts need reshaping after pregnancy and breastfeeding

You may be considering breast implants for other reasons too. In fact, breast implants may be the perfect answer to:

  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Enhance your sex life
  • Enhance your appearance
  • Have your clothes fit better

When you have a consultation with Dr. Sidhu, you can discuss:

  • What size of implant is best for you?
  • What type of incision is best for you?
  • What shape of implant is best for you, round or contoured?
  • What type of implant surface is best for you, smooth or textured?
  • Whether silicone, saline, or another type of implant is best for you?

Breast implant surgery is performed while you are under general anesthesia, and the procedure takes about an hour. After your surgery, you should plan on:

  • Avoiding movement for the first couple of days after surgery
  • Avoiding lifting heavy objects for at least two weeks
  • Avoiding raising your arms above your head for at least two weeks
  • Avoiding strenuous activity for at least the first six weeks

Breast implants can enhance your appearance and your quality of life, but don’t make the decision alone. Talk with an expert. To learn more about breast implants and how they can help you, call Dr. Amarpaul Sidhu of Foothill Cosmetic Surgery Center in Glendora, CA, at (626) 691-6400. Call today!

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